From the author of Boosting Positive Mental Health in Teens and Positive Mental Health in Children

Adolescent Mental Health – Just why do teenagers change?

4 x 90 minute sessions learning about the teenage brain

10, 17, 24, 31 January, 8pm

1st Floor, Unit 3, Mountbatten Business Centre, Millbrook Road East, Southampton, SO15 1HY

“I hate you!”

Why do they spend their lives sleeping?

Why do they storm out of the room when you make a simple request?

Just why do they stop looking at you?

What happens to your loving child?

Why can they only grunt at times?

And why do simple things send your child into meltdown?

All this and more explained!

4 evening sessions covering the changes in the teenage brain and what parents can do to help their teenager or preteen’s mental health, delivered by author and behaviour expert Richard Daniel Curtis.

The brain and the body go through some major changes during adolescence, including the shutting down of the frontal lobes.  This has massive consequences for the young mind and changes the way they think and respond to even the most simple demands.  Mental health issues sky rocket and many young people struggle to be able to turn to their parents for help or advice.  Learn about this and more in these informal, conversational sessions.

Week 1 – Brain Development

  • How the brain develops in the womb
  • The changes that happen during early childhood
  • The changes that happen during adolescence

Week 2 – Changes in Adolescence

  • Changes in sleep
  • Changes in the body
  • Changes in attitude
  • Sexual development

Week 3 – Common Mental Health Conditions

  • Self-harm
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders

Week 4 – Strategies for Helping your Child

  • How to listen to your child
  • How to move from authoritarian parent to coaching parent

I am truly passionate about telling people about the brain, bring your questions, a notebook and an open mind and join me for these conversational seminars.

These sessions are suitable for teenagers to attend.

£29 per session or all 4 for only £99!  Book two tickets for only £150 (call us to claim this discount on 02381 120010).

Please be advised that Richard will be recorded in order to provide an online version for parents.