Exam Stress Buster Sessions

Mental wellbeing sessions to counteract exam stress

Exam time is rapidly approaching and many children are feeling the pressure.

SATs week and GCSEs are coming up.

Even if you are trying to keep the stress away from your child they will be feeling it at school.

Even if it’s not their teachers, it’s the workload or the pressure from peers.

All-in-all, exams are a stressful time for our children.

Some children cope well during this time, but others struggle, emotionally and mentally – let us help them.

We want to help reduce the stresses, strains and worries your child is facing.

We will help your child to:

  • feel less stress;
  • experience fewer worries or concerns;
  • feel more positive;
  • feel invigorated;
  • develop coping mechanisms.

We’ve put on four weeks of Consciousness Sessions to help reduce the pressure your child is facing and give them an outlet.

Each session covers responding to music, gratitude, mindfulness and meditation to reinvigorate them and give them proactive strategies they can use to regulate their emotions.  You can find out more about Consciousness Sessions here.

Sessions are 45 minutes, have a maximum of 8-10 young people and are suitable for children aged 9 and above.

Classes are held at The Mentoring School, 1st Floor, Unit 3, Mountbatten Business Centre, Millbrook Road East, Southampton, SO15 1HY.

Sessions cost £49 for all four weeks, and you can add a sibling for just £40, just complete the form below to book your child in.

Book your child on the Exam Stress Buster Sessions:

Classes run on 16th, 23rd and 30th May, plus 6th June for only £49.

Once payment is processed you will be emailed confirmation of your booking.


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