Raising teenagers can be scarier than Halloween


Just where does your child go? It feels like their personality changes overnight…

Massive changes happen in their body and brain which completely affect their personality.

The mood swings

The changes in the brain have an impact on a child’s ability to regulate their own emotions.

The drama

These change also reduce the ability for the brain to be able to problem-solve social situations.

What you need to know about the teenage brain

During the age of 10 until 18+ the brain goes through massive changes, which can cause a long list of problems for the teenage personality:

  • Personality change
  • Mood swings
  • Overreaction
  • Inability to perform tasks
  • Insecurity
  • Higher risk of mental health problems

Richard Daniel Curtis is a behaviour expert, who has worked with thousands of young people.  He has put together two products into a special package to help parents, carers, teachers and professionals understand these changes and the impact.

For just £20, you can get access to a 40 minute webinar on the brain changes (worth £59), plus a free digital copy of the first part of his latest book AWOL: the missing teenage brain and the impact on mental health.

About the webinar

Parenting a preteen and teenager through their pubescent journey is hard work for parents.  You have put in all of the hard during their earlier childhood and this is meant to be a time when things become easier, but they don’t.

This is one of the most complex times to be a parent and yet, quite frankly, you feel unskilled, out of your depth and afraid to do the wrong thing.

This seminar covers the important questions, like:

  • Why your pubescent teen sleeps all weekend..
  • Why they are moody…
  • Why everything is a drama…
  • Why they can’t make a decision and treat everything like it’s a threat…

Learn about the changes that happen in the brain during adolescence in this 40 minute seminar.

About the ebook

Adolescence is a turbulent time for young people. Not only do they have to cope with the external pressures surrounding them, such as relationships, academic and peers, they also form their adult personalities.

In addition, there are major changes happening in their body, the physical changes caused by puberty are combined with a massive rewiring in their brain. This process causes many of the higher-level functions of the brain to be effectively shut down, causing problems with communication, self-identity, problem-solving, emotional regulation and risk-taking.

The combination of these various factors can have a huge impact on the mental health on young people.

This ebook is the first section of Richard’s book AWOL: the missing teenage brain and the impact on mental health, designed to explain the changes happening in the brain during this crucial period.

Get access to both for only £20 (value £63)

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