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As a parent or carer the current world is a scary place. It is hard to know what to do for the best and can be incredibly overwhelming.

Family life is changing at an extraordinary pace and it is hard to keep up.

Author and leading expert Richard Daniel Curtis, known as The Kid Calmer, is on a mission to help parents and carers around the world.

As a parent of two children, he understands many concerns and challenges being faced by parents and carers on a daily basis.

Emotions are running high and it is down to us as parents to help our children navigate the world, even if we feel we are blindfolded!

We have put this website together to help concerned parents and carers find advice and support as we go through these unique times together.

We offer:

  • a comprehensive library of free-to-access advice and good practice articles;
  • a massive library of hints, tips and strategies on YouTube;
  • regular Facebook Live shows;
  • press and media commentary on current events;
  • online seminars and recorded talks;
  • online guaranteed consultations;
  • direct work with young people;
  • in-person observations and consultations;
  • online, in-person or telephone support for professionals, such as social workers.

If you are a teacher we recommend the UK Government’s Mental Wellbeing teaching resources that Richard co-authored, available at