Richard Daniel Curtis


Richard Daniel Curtis, leading child behaviour expert and author, is on a mission to help busy parents around the world to improve the quality of their time with their children, feel less stress and guilt about their parenting and to help raise the next generation to cope with the demands of tomorrow’s world.

Richard is a qualified teacher with a Master’s Degree based on working with children with behavioural difficulties. He also holds several specialist qualifications, is completing his PhD in Psychology and has developed a range of techniques to help stressed and busy parents. In 2019 he was invited by the Department of Education to be one of three experts contributing to the mental health and wellbeing curriculum for schools across England.

Richard, has devoted his life to understanding and working with children and is renowned for his experience with children with special needs and severe behavioural difficulties. He has turned around the lives of thousands of children and their families and has developed an excellent reputation for understanding what different behaviours and tantrums mean.

He has authored multiple books, has two children’s assessments named after him and is the founder of The Root of It, a mental health training service and The Mentoring School, a training organisation passionate about putting standards and psychology into mentoring. He chairs two national awards: the Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards and the National Special Educational Needs and Disability Awards.

If you get the chance to use Richard Daniel Curtis’ services, take it!  That’s all I can say, he’s a true hero and it’s been like a breath of fresh air. Working with Richard is like talking to an old friend when he meets you, nothing like when you see a doctor.  So please if you get a chance of an offer of his services take it, you won’t be disappointed.
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Richard’s professional CV includes:

1999-2002 Mental Health Support Worker in in-patient adult and child units

2000-2003 BA (Hons) Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status (Sheffield Hallam)

2003-2010 Teacher, rising to lead of Pupil Referral Unit

2010-2013 Primary Inclusion Adviser for a local authority

2012 Specialist Leader in Behaviour and Attendance awarded

2012-13 worked with the Nurture Group Network to produce the Boxall-Curtis Profile

2013- Founder of The Root Of It – special needs support

2013-14 MA Education (Edge Hill)

2014 Chair of the National SEND Awards

2014 The Root Of It awarded Best New Business Award

2014 Publication of 101 Tips for Parents, 101 More Tips for Parents and 101 Behaviour Tips for Parents

2012-18 Author of the Social, Emotional and Play Development Scale (known as the Curtis Scale)

2015 The Root Of It awarded Gold Scoot Headline Award

2016 Author of Gratitude in Primary Schools, Gratitude in Secondary Schools and Higher Education, Gratitude at Home

2016 Launch of The Mentoring School

2016 Invited to become a HuffPost Blogger

2017 The Mentoring School awarded Best EISC Erasmus Host of the Year and Silver Award for Support to the Apprenticeship Sector

2017 Author of The Parent’s Guide to the Modern World and The Young Person’s Guide to the Modern World

2017 Co-author of Boosting Positive Mental Health in Teens with Naomi Richards

2017 Start of PhD Psychology at University of Southampton

2017 Inducted into the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

2017 Skills for London Apprenticeship Group Member

2018 Co-author of The Gifted Introvert

2018 Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mentoring

2018 Author of AWOL: the missing teenage brain and the impact on mental health

2019 Expert co-author of mental health and wellbeing curriculum content in England