Guaranteed online consultations

  • House-bound and going crazy?
  • Cabin fever set in?
  • Tears over little things?
  • Trouble with tantrums?
  • Naughty step not working?
  • Need to deal with bad behaviour?
  • Behaviour problems?
  • Bedtimes a nightmare?
  • Behaviour strategies for ADHD, autism or another condition?
  • Can’t tell what is the condition and what is chosen behaviour?
If you get the chance to use Richard Daniel Curtis’ services, take it!  That’s all I can say, he’s a true hero and it’s been like a breath of fresh air. Working with Richard is like talking to an old friend when he meets you, nothing like when you see a doctor.  So please if you get a chance of an offer of his services take it, you won’t be disappointed.
Sara - mum of four

Richard has worked with thousands of children exhibiting social, emotional or behaviour problems and helped teachers and parents or carers who are struggling to cope with them.  Known for his quick impact solutions, Richard works with mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and professionals to help understand what their behaviour means and how to deal with it, giving families solutions that have life-long effects.  His work is known to be so successful that he guarantees every initial consultation – if Richard can’t help you don’t pay!

Zoom, Skype and Phone Behaviour Consultations available

Richard Daniel Curtis is an internationally renowned behaviour expert and author. He has written 13 books relating to the mindset and behaviour of children, plus has 2 psychological assessments named after him (in assessing children’s social and emotional skills). His work has directly influenced millions of children’s lives.

Many of the parents and carers who consult him say that they have felt overwhelmed and afraid to ask for help, often secretly feeling like a failure a parent. It’s so easy to feel alone as a parent and Richard understands how to quickly put them at ease with his friendly empathetic way.

It’s just like talking to a friend, but a friend who’s studied what your problem is.

Here’s what one of his clients had to say the morning after their consultation:

Richard offers consultations for parents, carers and sessions with young people over the internet or on the phone. The first consultation is always guaranteed, meaning that if Richard isn’t able to help you by recommending an action plan, you will get a full refund, which means that you can be assured of top quality advice without any risk.

You will be left with an understanding of why you are seeing the behaviours that are troubling and a practical 5 point action plan to address them with confidence.

Online (through Skype) and telephone consultations only cost £360 for initial consultations or follow-up appointments for £300 and include an action plan and explanation for each of the recommendations, followed by a second follow-up appointment 3-4 weeks later – they are available evenings and all weekend, including during school holidays.

Follow-up sessions are offered at a reduced price. Often families choose to have online evening appointments. These are available at bulk buy costings:

  • Single session £300
  • 4 sessions £1,000
  • 8 sessions £1,600

Reports (for example as evidence for education) cost an additional £480, just let Richard know on the day.

Payment is made by bank transfer or card – remember if Richard cannot help, you get a full refund!

When? Very often as Richard works in the evenings he has appointments available within 24-48 hours to help you to quickly address the suffering your child is experiencing.


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