Richard Daniel Curtis is a child behaviour expert respected by parents and professionals around the world.  Here he gives us 21 reasons why his work is vital in today’s world.
  1. There is no right or wrong in picking a parenting style, it’s about matching what style suits you, your family, the world around them and your children.
  2. Never before has tomorrow’s world been approaching so fast.
  3. Tomorrow’s world is going to be completely different than today’s.
  4. We need to create a legacy for our children.
  5. No one is talking to parents about tomorrow’s challenges.
  6. We are stuck in a rut, we hear the same advice time after time, where we need new advice to match a new world.
  7. We know so much more than we ever known about child development.
  8. Children deserve a better world.
  9. Parenting needs to change to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.
  10. Parenting needs to change to meet the needs to today’s world.
  11. People can benefit from thousands of hours of experience and learning.
  12. What was good enough was not good enough for our children.
  13. Children don’t come with instruction manuals.
  14. Everyone successful in this world has not done it alone.
  15. The world needs to stop looking down on parents smart enough to improve their families.
  16. Every child is unique, so there needs to be more information to help parents make informed decisions about their children.
  17. The human race is collaborative, there are experts in many aspects that we listen to, this includes understanding and helping our children.
  18. Now is a pivotal moment in the history of the human race, we are approaching a change bigger than the industrial revolution and we need to prepare our children for it.
  19. Not every parent knows every piece of information that I share, everyone can learn something.
  20. We need to give the next generation the best chance of succeeding by acting now.
  21. The most successful people in the world seek knowledge and advice, why shouldn’t successful parents.