Thank you for taking the time to find out about support for your child.  There are a number of reasons that you might be looking at how I can help your child:

  • Maybe they are struggling socially or with their own identity.
  • Maybe you want to help them to develop the mindset to overcome the obstacles in their lives and help them to grow up to succeed.
  • Maybe you want them to have support from an expert during a transition or a period of uncertainty or change.
  • Maybe you want them to learn about how to understand and recognise their emotions.
Whichever it is, they deserve the best and you want the reassurance of knowing that they will get the support of someone who cares about making the difference for your child.

My name is Richard Daniel Curtis, an author and child behaviour expert known as The Kid Calmer. I am passionate about making the difference to children’s lives.  I run 3 month long coaching programmes for children and teenagers around the world to help them to deal with whatever they’re finding challenging at the moment.

After our initial consultation, I will use my first session to get to know your child.  This will then help me determine that I am best placed to help your child and for me to identify the focus of my sessions.  If not, I will signpost you to other methods of support and you will not be charged.

What are the benefits:

Know that your child has the support of a specialist;

Have a clear plan of the skills that will be covered;

Know that your child is talking regularly to someone who can help them;

Be reassured that they’re getting support from a trusted source.

What it looks like:

Very Important Child Coaching Programme (by application only)

Basic – A 3 month programme (includes 1 online hour long session with me, followed by 6×30 minute sessions with me)

Enhanced – A 3 month programme (includes 7 online hour long session with me, plus an emergency session for when your child needs to talk urgently)

From as little as £1500 you and your child could be benefitting from up to date knowledge and information to really have that impact on your family, with the friendly help of an international child behaviour expert.
To find out if we are a good match together, complete the form on the link below to request a complimentary consultation.