A.W.O.L. The Missing Teenage Brain Tour

The talk that EVERY parent of a teen should be at.

Richard answers the important questions relating to teens:

  • Why do pubescent teenagers sleeps all weekend?
  • Why do teenagers stay up so late?
  • Why are they so moody?
  • Why is everything a drama?
  • Where’s my child gone?

To celebrate the release of his book A.W.O.L. The Missing Teenage Brain, Richard Daniel Curtis, author and behaviour expert is touring the UK with this lively and energetic talk. Covering a tour of the teenage brain, plus the changes to the brain and the impact of technology. Beginning with an explanation of the changes in the brain during adolescence, Richard explores the everyday things that we can be doing to support our children through this vital stage of development.

Talks last 90-100 minutes. Tickets £15 or £25 including a copy of the AWOL book.

7.45pm, 3rd October 2019,  Matfen Hall Hotel, Matfen Village NE20 0RH

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Richard is currently not due to make any appearances.