A Futurist is someone who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current evidence.

What is #parentingfuturism? A #parentingfuturist?

Richard Daniel Curtis is respected for his vision of parenting in the 21st Century and beyond.  Early on in his behaviour career Richard noticed a tendency to rely on methods of control in order to change behaviour and a view that adults have to be right.

Richard believes that these belief systems will harm future generations and that new approaches in parenting are needed to meet the demands of the world children will grow up in.  He studies emerging trends and new technology in order to think about the changes that parents need to make now.  This is Parenting Futurism and Richard is arguably the global leader in this field.

An example of parenting futurism in action:

Virtual Reality headsets are becoming relatively easy to access for our children, certainly in the next 1-2 years they will be available at a price within the pocket or birthday money price tag.  Therefore we need to teach children to recognise eye strain now, so that when they have a screen that is just a couple of inches in front of their face, they have the skills to recognise that their eyes are getting tired and to stop playing.  For more information on this visit my blog post.