New Year, New Career

You’ve done a good job at raising your children, overcome the challenging times and dealt with the tears, tantrums and arguments. You’ve made a few mistakes along the way, as we all have, and recognise lessons you’ve learned as a parent. Maybe you are the parent your friends turn to for advice about their children, or to offload on.

Now you have some free time, maybe the children are in preschool or school, have you thought about making use of your experience to give yourself a comfortable lifestyle income, without all of the stresses of work?

Become a Kid Calmer Practitioner and earn a living changing the lives of families.

Find out more about becoming a certified practitioner.

Learn how to deliver your own behaviour service for families in your area.

Be in charge of your own life and your own diary

Many of the people visiting this page are parents who are seeking a return to work or a new area of work that not only makes the difference to people’s lives, but far more importantly fits in with their family’s lives, be it the nursery or school run, working part-time or spending time at home with young children.

Earn your own freedom and income

For those fed up with other people’s rules, policies, procedures or having a set salary, the Kid Calmer Practitioner route gives you an unlimited income, with a choice of offering support to families through visits, phone or web consultations – earn your own income without leaving your home. Fees for consultations can start at just £60, but can go up to £250.

Learn from someone who has been there and seen it

The Kid Calmer has worked with thousands of families and consulted on the behaviour of children in three continents.  The training to become a Kid Calmer Practitioner includes lessons learned from these consultations, plus also the five areas to consider in every single consultation.

About the Kid Calmer, Richard Daniel Curtis

With a background in mental health care, Richard trained as a teacher, working in Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings.  Along the way, Richard identified that he was poor at behaviour management and quit to work in a unit for children with extreme behaviour problems.  He began a steep learning curve, that saw him end up working for a county council as a behaviour inclusion adviser, dealing with referrals from psychologists, mental health teams and behaviour advisers.  In 2013 Richard left to set up special needs consultancy service The Root Of It and The Kid Calmer as his service for working with families desperate for high quality support.  He is a prolific author (currently he has 9 books published) and his direct work is said to have impacted over half a million children’s lives.  Richard is so proud of his work that he guarantees his consultations, promising parents that he can help them or offering not to charge him.

There is so much need that one man cannot help all of the families who need support, I am delighted to announce the Kid Calmer Practitioner Scheme in order to help others change the lives of families affected by their child’s behaviour.

About the packages

The basic Kid Calmer Practitioner package:

  1. DBS check
  2. Initial 4 days of training, followed by an assessment
  3. Branded stationary for consultations
  4. Kid Calmer Practitioner logo for letterheads, email and website
  5. A email address
  6. Marketing materials
  7. Profile on this website
  8. Licence to practice as a Kid Calmer Practitioner
  9. Further 2 advanced day of training
  10. Monthly case support calls
  11. Monthly business support calls
  12. Practitioner Support Group

All this for only £3500* initial payment (including £500 deposit) then £60 per month.

*can be split into monthly payments

Who is this for?

Someone who wants to learn, become more confident and unleash their full potential

Those who desire a flexible career with high income potential

Has an interest, passion or experience in helping families or children

Wants to change lives for the better and make a difference

Is ready to invest in building their own business with our training and support


Who is this not for?

Someone who is afraid of hard work

Someone looking for easy income or ‘get rich quick’

Someone who isn’t fully committed

Someone who doesn’t take action in their own life

Someone who is afraid of talking with people they don’t know

Someone who is looking for a Job (employment)

Take the next step to being in control of your income and offering a life-changing service to parents


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