Kid Calmer Practitioners support teachers, parents, carers and families to overcome behaviour difficulties.  They do this by providing an empathetic environment for clients to discuss the behaviour worrying them and get to the root of the behaviour problem.  They do not deal with the diagnosis of special needs or disabilities, they do however provide practical advice on strategies that work.

What is the process to become a Kid Calmer Practitioner?

Applicants apply through this website on the application form.  They are then interviewed by Richard Daniel Curtis to ensure that they are suitable for the role and to answer any questions the applicant has.  If the applicant decides at this point they do not want to continue, then their deposit is refunded.

Applicants then pay the initial training and registration fee.  We undertake our due diligence checks (including a DBS certificate) and interview the applicants.

If successful, applicants attend the initial four days of training.  Provided the assessment is then passed, attendees are given support to set up their service and invited back to the final 2-days of training.

There will be further advanced courses available for successful practitioners.

What does the initial training cover?

The initial training covers setting up and running your service, marketing, dealing with quotes and invoices. We also cover the 5 Stepping Stones to tackling Children’s Behaviour – Richard’s system for addressing behaviour problems in the home or the 7 Areas of Classroom Behaviour Management for those working in schools.

What experience should I have?

Applicants would benefit from having worked in a school or with children before, or dealt with behaviour difficulties successfully (including their own children).

How am I assessed?

All attendees of the four-day initial training are assessed through assessment of a case study, including the interpretation of the Curtis Scale and setting targets for the client.

Will I be able to use the Kid Calmer logo?

Licenced Practitioners will be able to use the special Kid Calmer Practitioner logo on their website.  They will also have a email address.

How much can I expect to earn?

We do not set you fees, although we do discuss how to set your fee level on the training.  Potentially you could earn as much as £250 for a visit and up to £60 for phone or internet consultations.  Meaning that you could earn £400-£700 per week with as few as 4 to 6 consultations.

What marketing help do I get?

We provide our Licenced Practitioners with email and leaflet templates they can use, in addition to a profile page on this website.  There is an option to sign up for the done-for-you marketing service.

Do you guarantee I will get clients?

The crafted training you will receive covers how to find clients and how to quote for supporting them.  We discuss ways to meet potential customers and also signpost parents to you through our website.  The most effective form of getting clients we have found is referrals from other parents – they tell others about people who have made a difference for them.

Will I have to guarantee my consultations?

A big part of the brand and ethos of The Kid Calmer is that we take pride in our work and that it has an impact.  Therefore, we will teach Kid Calmer Practitioners how to do their best to ensure that families are left with

Do I need to set up a company?

This will depend on your personal circumstances, we recommend you obtain separate advice.

What does it cost?

Prices vary according to the package you sign up for.  There is an initial training and registration fee of £3,500, which covers our due diligence checks (including a DBS certificate) and 6 days of training.  This is followed by a monthly licence fee for ongoing support and use of the Kid Calmer Practitioner logo.  There is an option to request a done-for-you marketing service in addition. If you are rolling out a service as we show you how to do on the training, then the money you make from families will be more than the cost of the licence.

Why is there a monthly fee?

We recognise that supporting families with behaviour problems is no easy task, let alone also running a business.  That’s why we have a monthly support package to help our practitioners overcome any case or business problems they encounter.  We provide two levels of monthly fee, one where we provide the resources for you to market your own services (only £60 a month), and the other where we will do your marketing for you (£180 a month).

Further questions?

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Where do I sign up?

Visit this link to Apply now