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Who am I? What do I do?  What makes me think I can change your family?
You know that feeling that something isn’t working in your family, or that your worried you’re not being the best parent you can be, or even what do you do about a particular problem – that’s what I help parents with, helping their family to be happier.  I even guarantee that I will (or I do not charge any money), so any work you do with me is at no risk.
My name is Richard Daniel Curtis, I am an author and child behaviour expert, known as The Kid Calmer.  Families who have worked with me describe me as a parenting ‘hero’ and so far my work has had an impact on over half a million children.  I call myself The Kid Calmer as that’s what I do, I see the cause of the behaviour and deal with it, calming children down.
I’ve written three books, not to tell parents what to do, but to inspire you and help you to stand back and look at your family through different eyes.  My 101 tips series are designed to be dipped in and out of when you just want to take five.
Find out more about me.
Fed up with tantrums and not knowing what to do?
Some of my online courses might help you, otherwise keep an eye out on my YouTube channel, there’s loads on there!
Does it feel like your children have no respect?
Would a personal solution help to address this in your house, it’s helped thousands of other parents?  If not, have a flick through my YouTube channel, there’s some tricks of the trade there for you.
Annoyed by the way they respond to you?
Sometimes I am asked to undertake home visits to help a family and really make a difference.  Other parents like to seek my advice via Skype.
Want to agree with your partner about parenting styles?
I often work with couples to help identify the styles that fit their family and their relationship, you can apply for a complimentary consultation here to find out if we are a good fit.
Want the best for your children as they grow up?
Parenting styles have to change to reflect the world we live in and the world our children will live in.  I am passionate about starting a parenting revolution and I urge you to join me!  Find out more.
Wish there was a rule book for parents?
There isn’t and I’d be lying if I said there was, however if you want inspiration and direction, then check out Help My Child Grow or my books.
Anything else?
Feel free to contact my team.