Consciousness for Kids Primary PE sessions

Combining Meditation, Mindfulness and Gratitude with dance

Consciousness for Kids is a Programme for primary schools to deliver as part of their PE lesson.

Never has there been such an important time for our children to be considering both their physical and mental wellbeing. With statistics showing that between 10 and 20 percent of them are experiencing mental health problems at any time, it’s vital that we help them recognise how to maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a combination of Mindfulness Meditation and Gratitude set to music, it has some really powerful results.  It involves calming down from the usual stresses and emotions we experience in our daily lives, focusing on calmness and stillness, before bouncing back up with invigoration to restore people before the end of the session, finally finishing with the recording of Gratitude.

About Consciousness for Kids

In these sessions, which are ideal for the PE & Sports Premium, these mental wellbeing tools and combined with dance to give children in primary schools healthy physical and cognitive exercise.

The programme involves training your staff to deliver these 30-40 minute sessions and providing them with the programme handbook.

Sessions themselves are streamed from our website, so all your staff need to do is focus on facilitating the session and then helping children to complete their Gratitude Journals when they are changed from PE.


Meditation, Mindfulness and Gratitude are shown to help people develop:

  • Increased academic performance,
  • Increased attendance,
  • Better emotional self-regulation,
  • Less stress,
  • More acceptance of social difficulties,
  • More forgiveness,
  • More generosity,
  • Greater joy and pleasure in activities,
  • Closer to friends and family,
  • Improved ability to cope with life challenges.

What does it cost?

Initial training—per staff member


Either central courses or for more than eight staff we can deliver this on-site, includes Programme Handbook.

Price per class per year

£250 per year per class

Includes streamed sessions, Gratitude Journals, on-going support and updates. Mindfulness activities will require resources commonly found in primary schools.

Fits perfectly in the rules for using Sports Premium Funding

How long is the training?

The training for teaching staff to deliver the programme is 3.5 hours long and includes a practical demonstration of a session.

Why per year and per class?

The costs include the streamed audio for sessions, in addition to updates to the programme, plus ongoing phone and email support for your staff.  Also included in the cost per class is a set of Gratitude Journals from the Gratitude for Children range, RRP £180.

Where are the central courses held?

We have central courses in Newcastle, Coventry and London. Please ask us for dates.

Will you come and train our staff on-site?

Yes, if you book training for more than eight staff then we will deliver the training on-site.

Find out more

Download more information:Introducing Consciousness for Kids

Get in touch

To book onto a course or ask a question, please email or call 02381 120010.

*Prices exclude VAT

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