What is Consciousness?

Over the years I have studied many forms of mindset activities, such as Gratitude, mindfulness or meditation.

As I have explored each one and practised the art of them I have learned about the underlying theory and principles, and far more importantly the benefits to the individual.

Over the past few years, I have come to realise that there is no one true practice that gives people everything, and so I was delighted to learn about the concept of conscious sessions, where a life healer leads sessions to allow people to respond to music in their own way.

The power of combining all of these practices into one 30-45 minute dynamic session (depending on age) was immense:

  1. Settling – Leave your stresses and worries at the door as we begin with a musical slow-down, starting with fast-paced music, slowing the mind and bodies down over several minutes;
  2. Stopping – next we lead a meditation session to help ground the body and brain;
  3. Focus – we move onto a mindfulness exercise to clear the mind of any remaining stresses or worries;
  4. Reinvigorating – finally we end the session with invigorating music and affirmations to ensure that people leave refreshed and replenished;
  5. Gratitude – each session finishes with focus on what we are grateful throughout the week.

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