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Raising a child in the 21st Century is scary, every time you think you have something sussed, then something changes (technology anyone?) The simple fact is children don’t come with rule books and even if they did it would have to be rewritten about every three weeks.

At the same time you are doing your best to provide for your family, so you can’t always be there for them all of the time like you want to be. So the limited time you have with them really matters!

Lots of parents are anxious that they’re not the best parent they could be. Maybe they’re concerned that they are not there enough for them?

Some parents are going through life-changing events (like moving, separation, change of circumstances, bereavement) and want to know how to manage it best for their children.

Other parents feel ashamed they don’t know what to do for the best. Many feel insecure about how to help their child as they grow and want to develop their parenting skills. Most of all many parents want advice from an expert that reflects the modern world.

My name is Richard Daniel Curtis, an author and child behaviour expert known as The Kid Calmer. I have helped increase the confidence of thousands of parents over the years. I run 3-6 month long coaching programmes for parents around the world to help them to deal with whatever they’re finding challenging at the moment.

What are the benefits:

Know what to do and say to increase the impact of the limited time you have with your family;
Feel confident about your parenting approach;
Have a clear direction for your family;
Know which parenting style best suits your child;
Reduce your anxiety levels about your family.

What it looks like:

One-off package

A one-off mentoring session, followed by a 15 minute follow-up call three weeks later. £360

Bulk-buy packages

4 sessions for £1200

8 sessions for £2000

From as little as £300 you and your child could be benefiting from up to date knowledge and information to really have that impact on your family, with the friendly help of an international child behaviour expert.

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